The Three Billy Goats Gruff are a group of goats in charge of Gruff, Gruff and Gruff corporation. They have employed a Troll in their company and appear to be primarily interested in re-enacting the fairy tale in the forest near Fleur de Lys.

First Billy Goat Edit

The first billy goat is the smallest, and is the first to attempt to cross the bridge. He reads from his script, and on page 23 is normally let across the bridge. However when Simon sees him the troll is refusing to let him past, so he is forced to remind the troll of his contract. He is extremely rude, and has a 'silly little beard'. He is touchy about being called a sheep or any other farmyard animal. When the troll is removed from the bridge, he walks across and into the forest.

Second Billy Goat Edit

The second billy goat is bigger than the first, and normally follows him and crosses the bridge second. However when Simon turns up he is stuck behind the first, and doesn't get to say anything before the troll is thrown into the river and he follows his brother.

Third Billy Goat Edit

The third billy goat is the biggest of them all, 12 feet tall with big horns. Normally he is the last to come to the bridge, as the troll has been promised a large meal, and kicks the troll into the river every day. However on one day when Simon is in the forest, he never turns up as the Barbarian throws the Troll into the river for him.