Nafflin the Necromancer was a powerful sorcerer who dabbled in the magic of the dead. He carried a powerful staff, with a glowing crystal sphere on the end. The Magic Circle was interested in retrieveing this staff after Nafflin died, and sent four wizards to try to find where it was. However, Nafflin had embalmed himself and was in a sarcophagus under Repulser's Tower, using magic to stay alive as a mummy.

Simon was sent by the wizards to get the staff for them, and stumbled upon the tomb of Nafflin. After ignoring Simon's offers of real estate or embalming services, Nafflin scared him away, but the wannabe wizard came back and this time pulled a loose bandage on Nafflin's leg. The mummy collapsed in a pile of bandages and Simon took the enchanted staff, lifting the enchantment on Nafflin and ridding the world of him for good.