Naismith is a druid who maintains Naismith Apothecary's Tavernae in Fleur de Lys. He has the ability to transform into a frog when he sees a full moon. When Simon goes there, he had been captured by Goblins and tortured in a dungeon under their fortress.

When Simon finds him, he is invisible thanks to The Ring, and Naismith thought he was an evil spirit. Only after touching his silver cross Naismith was convinced he was there to help. Simon simulated a full moon, causing Naismith to transform into a frog and thus being able to escape. Some days later he came back with a hackshaw with which Simon shawed off the bars.

Simon meets Naismith again in his shop, suffering from a froggy condition. He asks simon for the herb frogsbane found on Skull Island to cure him. In exchange, he gives him a very rare potion from another dimension.