Naysmith The Druid runs an apothecary in the village, collecting herbs and making love potions, cure-alls and treatments. He is adept at druidic flower magic, providing he has nature nearby, and if not the only power he has is to polymorph, or prevent demons approaching him. into a frog when he sees a full moon. It was chosen for him by the head of the order. At some point he was captured by the goblins and taken to their torture chamber. He left behind his sickle but still had a silver dagger cross necklace.

When Simon meets him, initially he thinks he is a demon because of Simon's ring of invisibility. He says he can smell the evil on him, and refuses to listen to his 'lies'. When Simon takes off the ring, he still suspects him, and says the only true way to prove he's not a demon is to plunge a silver dagger into his heart. After some negotiation, Simon agrees to touch a silver cross to his forehead which convinces the druid. Then Simon mocks up a full moon using a flaming brand in a bucket with a hole in, causing the druid to polymorph into a frog. The druid then hops away before the goblins arrive, returning days later with a hacksaw for Simon's escape. He then goes back to his apothecary's in human form. Simon visits him again, wanting a free potion in return for rescuing him, and Naysmith mentions a special potion given to him from a retired colleague in another dimension (who always talks about rabbits and tea parties). However he will only give the potion to Simon if he will get some Frogsbane, a herb he needs to control his polymorphing into a frog. Before he can finish his sentence he morphs, but Simon gets the frogsbane and returns him to normal and is given the potion in exchange.