Repulser was a piglet who was taken from her father at a young age by the Wicked Witch of the West. She was half turned into a princess, trapped in a tower in the forest and made to spin wool for all eternity. The only way to break her curse is to receive a kiss from one from another dimension. She plaited together peroxide blonde hair and tied it to the window, waiting to be rescued. Many people had tried to rescue her but were stopped by the witch and the lucky ones were turned into meat pate.

Simon was the 3rd rescuer that week when he came across the tower and rang the bell with his clapper. Repulser then dopped her plait of hair and Simon climbed up, and delivered a kiss which turned her back into a pig. He then carried her round in his hat, releasing her outside the candy cottage where she ate through the truffle door. She then curled up on the rug and fell asleep.


Repulser is based on Wikipedia:Rapunzel.