The Fiery Pits of Rondor is a volcanic location, 150 miles away from the nearest village. It was the only place where a magic wand could be destroyed. 3 years ago King Gerald attempted to make it into a tourist attraction for an ideal family day out (complete with free sunblock for everyone). Tickets are 1 gold piece worth (2 for wizards).

However it didn't turn out that successful. Over the course of 3 years only 2 people visited the Pits, one green fellow, and Sordid. In order to enter the pits past the ticket attendant, Simon activated the fire alarm, which caused the sprinkler system to freeze the lava river. Sordid was attempting to relight the lava with magic, such as Regis Burn's Fabulous Pyro Whizzbang. Then Simon showed up, destroyed his magic wand into the lava, and after a brief magic battle, Sordid was thrown into the lava.