Sordid is the main antagonist of the Simon the Sorcerer games. He is an evil wizard who resembles a Tiefling from Dungeons and Dragons, with curved horns and sunken eyes.

Simon 1Edit

In the first Simon the Sorcerer game, Sordid is only mentioned until the very end. He lives up in Craggy Peaks and captures Calypso, the wizard of Fleur De Lys, but is ultimately discovered by Simon. Having escaped earlier, Calypso told Simon to stall Sordid until he arrived to help defeat the evil sorcerer, so Simon wastes Sordid's time with pointless statements and silly jokes, ultimately defeating Sordid by himself.

Simon 2Edit

In the sequel, Sordid has a henchman named Runt who accidentally summons his ghost. A hundred years later, Sordid builds himself a new body; A massive robot that resembles his original appearance. He stays in this body for the duration of the game. Sordid then creates a magical wardrobe to transport himself to the real world (presumably for revenge), and Simon is sucked into another adventure. As before, Sordid doesn't appear until the very end, but he doesn't pose as much of a threat this time, because his robot body is incomplete and his real one is in Hell.


  • According to the Shopkeeper he likes jellied anchovies and bath salts.
  • Sordid is implied to be very childlike, despite his evil: He is tormented by his overbearing mother, reads children's books and appears to be driven only by a single goal.
  • Sordid might have turned evil because he was bullied at school, which is alluded to in the second game's brief Hell scene.
  • Sordid isn't very intelligent. In the first game, he repeatedly tries the same spell to kill Simon (it just sends him to the previous room) and repeatedly pauses just to allow Simon to talk. In the second, his henchman does most of the work, though this is because he is otherwise preoccupied being dead.