The Troll is an employee of the Gruff, Gruff and Gruff corporation and has an office with them. He signed a contract to re-enact the Billy Goats Gruff fairy tale every day, involving him letting the first goats across his bridge and then getting kicked into the river by the third. However, this left him starving to death as the only food he really likes is goat (having tried chicken, rabbit and pig). He wants a goat stew as it has been ages since he has had that. Apparently in the old days he never had any problems. He owns a bridge in the forest near Fleur de Lys which he cleans everyday.

When Simon arrives the Troll has had enough, so he makes a picket line across his bridge and holds a placard saying 'equal rites for trolls'. This contravenes subsection 3 paragraph 4 of his contract, so the first billy goat argues with him at length. When approached by Simon, he again refuses to move, but notices a whistle around Simon's neck. Despite knowing that 'curiousity killed the troll', he blows the whistle and is seized by the Barbarian who comes running. He is then thrown into the river and washed away.