The Woodcutter lives in a house in the forest near Fleur de Lys. He is a member of the woodcutter's guild, and moved to the forest after an estate agent bought him a drink and persuaded him to move in. However all of the trees in the forest have been magically protected by wizards, so he can't make a trade and all his money is tied up in the house. He asked the Dwarves to help but they just gave him a metal detector to find Milrith, the only metal that can cut the trees. He prays to Hernia the hunter, the god of the forest. He kept a secret stash in his cottage, with all kinds of previous wood.

When Simon meets him he is looking miserable, and he explains the situation. He thinks Simon is a minstrel, but gives him the metal detector to see if he has any better luck than him. Simon uses the detector to find and make a milrith axe head, and the woodcutter runs off to test it while Simon raids his house.