The woodworm are a group of ravenous wood-eating insects who appear in many Simon the Sorcerer games. They are never seen, only heard, and are often ill-tempered and rude, especially towards humans who they perceive as racist. They normally aid Simon by eating through wooden objects for him.

Simon the Sorcerer Edit

In the first Simon game, the woodworm are found in a stump in the forest near Fleur de Lys. They have almost finished the stump and now are starving and need some other source of food, so accost Simon for wood. At first he thinks the tree stump is talking and trying to build itself up again, but then talks more with the head woodworm who apparently has a wife and 37 kids. His favourite wood is teak, but other woodworm pipe up asking for plywood, gopher wood, driftwood, ebony, oak, balsa (the worm wanting balse is told to shut up by his grandson) and mahogany. They all agree that they want mahogany, which Simon gets for them, and they burrow into the piece. They are then emptied onto the floorboards in Repulser's Tower which they eat into and disappear.

Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe Edit

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